Kanti Velugu

Date : 15/08/2018 - | Sector: Health (Government)

The State Government has started a Noble Project of achieving “avoiding blindness-free status” by conducting a comprehensive and universal eye screening for the entire population of the state under the title ‘Kanti Velugu’.The Program launched on 15-August-2018.

The Objectives of Kanti Velugu are 

  1. to conduct eye screening and vision test for all citizens of the state
  2. provide spectacles free of cost
  3. arrange for surgeries and other treatments free of cost
  4. provide medicines for common eye ailments
  5. educating people on prevention of serious disabling eye diseases 


All Citizens of the state


avoidable blindness-free status by conducting a comprehensive universal eye screening for all citizens of telangana

How To Apply

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