The Collectorate play a vital role in the district administration.

Rajanna Sircilla Collectorate Officers Details
Sl No Designation Mobile Number Email-id
1 Collector 08723-293344
2 Additional Collector(LB) 08723-231144 
3 Additional Collector 08723-293155 


Section A:

  1. Service matters of the Employees
  2. Monitoring of District Officers
  3. Disciplinary cases

Section B:

  1. Bills related to collectarate
  2. Medical Bills 
  3. Budget authorizations
  4. National Savings Schemes Renewals

Key Contact :

Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Administrative Officer 7330954446

Section C:

  1. Law and order
  2. Indian Explosives Act 
  3. Foreigners and Indian Citizen Act and NRIs
  4. Petroleum Products Act
  5. Indian Arms Act
  6. Cinemas
  7. Mines & Geology
  8. Law Officers
  9. Apathbandhu/NFBS/CMRF/NRI/Weaver Suicides
  10. SCs/STs(POA) Amendment Act,2015
  11. Verification of character & antecedents of public employees
  12. Verification of Caste Certificates


Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Superintendent-C 7337084446

Section D:


  1. Jamabandi,All appeals under Land Revenue Act arising out of Janmabandi
  2. All and regulation pertaining to Land Revenue remission
  3.  A.P Distribution Formation Act.
  4. Action Plan
  5. Meeting on Revenue Receipts
  6. State Leval committee on Agricultural Statistics
  7. Tobacco Board construction of barons.
  8. Issue of Anawari Certificates
  9. Revenue Seminars/RevenueSadassulu
  10. ROR


  1. D.C.B of Land Revenue
  2. Land Revenue/Water Cess(Act.11/89 and Ordinance No.1/97).
  3. Miscellaneous arrears (other departments )
  4. A.P Revenue Recovery Act.
  5. NALA Act 1963, Act 3 of 2006 OTC
  6. Dist ,Monthly Administrative Reports .
  7. Performance Indicators
  8. All other departments arrears DCB and review thereon.
  9. P.R . Act in so far as the recovery of loans it concerned.Rent and Revenue Sales Act,LIL and AL Act
  10. Loans DCB and other periodical returns.
  11. Audit reports and objections pertaining to loans Public accounts committee-Estimates Committee
  12. Maintenance of Dist Loan Ledger and reconciliation thereon
  13. Loan Eligibility Cards .


  1. Natural Calamities
  2. Relief and Rehabilitation Related to Agriculture
  3. Seasonal condition
  4. Missionaries-Relife work-provided by Missionary Institutions(Centres for relif every where)
  5. River Conservancy Act and Launches .
  6. Droughts relife works ,evaluation
  7. Agricultural distress and steps for relief thereon.
  8. Niti Ayog and Finance Commission.
  9. Self employment Schemes ,Special Welfare Schemes and Correspondence.
  10.  Rainfall Statistics ,Rain Guage meterial Observatories, weather report
  11. Correspondence relating to drinking water including bore well and rural water supply scheme
  12. Agricultural Statistics,Crop cutting experiments and matter relating to it.
  13. Ground Water Exploration,Geological and Geographical ground water,Exploration ,Electricity cluster scheme for irrigation.


  1. Irrigation – All acts and Rules , relation to irrigation.
  2. T.S (Irrigation maintenance of Water Courses Act)
  3. Construction of Tanks in Patta land Rules,1950.
  4. Ayacut Development Settlement levey.
  5. D.I.B.D. Meetings.
  6. Revenue Opinion Cases.
  7. A.P Farmer Organisation ,Irrigation System rules,1997.
  8. Joint Azmoish
  9. Maintenance of Computers & CMRO.
  10. Dharani
  11. Mee seva permission etc.

Key Contact :

Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Superintendent-D 7337054446

Section E:


  1. Land Alienation
  2. Transfer of Lands
  3. Lease of Lands
  4. Land Grabbing cases
  5. Encroachment of Public premises eviction etc.


  1. Assignment of Govt.Lands for 5. Encroachment of Public premises eviction etc.
  2. Assignment of Land to Political sufferers ,Defence
  3. Bhoodan &  Gramadan Act,1965
  4. House Act
  5. Transfer of Land to Gram Panchayath/Municipalities
  6. Assigned lands(Distribution of alienation) Act,1977
  7. Land Encroachment Act ,1905.


  1. State functions
  2. National Awards
  3. Flag Day and Children Day arrangements
  4. Festivals-Fair and Festivals
  5. Kabir puraskar etc.
  6. Tourism
  7. SHAPE
  8. Buildings & Administrative sanction
  9. Rent Control Act.
  10. Accommodation of Govt.Offices.


  1. ZPP ,MPP ,ACP Gram Panchayat Act .
  2. Post and Telegraphs Extension of postal services .
  3. Municipal Adminstration Act.Notified area committee
  4. State Development loan
  5. Finance Commission
  6. Review on Progress of implementation of P.M Integrated Urban poverty eradication programme.
  7. TSPSC
  8. DSC and all other Examination
  9. Accommodation of Govt offices
  10. Evaque Property


  1. Maintenance of housing department files and payment of completed and in process houses of previous scheme.
  2. In charge for receiving records / furniture from the Housing Department
  3. 2 BHK

Section F:


  1. Inams Abolition Regulation ,Atyat enquires Act, Estate Abolition and conversion into Ryothwari regulation of Survey and boundaries
  2. Bill-Maqthas,Ijara and cash grants.
  3. Tenancy Act,(TA)LA Act,1371F
  4. Endowments Lands
  5. Wakf Board
  6. Survey,Settlement operations
  7. Land and Law disputes,Survey and Boundaries Act,1923
  8. Land Encroachment of Endowments Department


  1. Land Reforms
  2. Budget of Land Reforms
  3. Court cases of Land Reforms

Key Contact :

Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Superintendent-E&F 7330888664

Section G:


  1. L.A cases Irr.Projects .
  2. Review and Monthly meetings .
  3. Stock File & Computerization .


  1. L.A (General) Cases of Division
  2. L.A  cases of L.A Units , Railways.


  1. L.A Cases relating to House Sites of Division
  2. Budget under L.A (SW)
  3. Court cases of L.A.House sites of Division.

Key Contact :

Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Superintendent-G 7337484446

Section H:


  1. Revenue Business of collectorate as well as sub-ordinate offices
  2. Maintenance of consolidated peridicals
  3. Correspondence relating to ITDA ,DTWO Engineering cell – Single line Administration in sub-plan area Liaison with Project Officer ,ITDA.
  4. Medical & Health Hospital Advisory Committee,Family Planning.PACs,Health Camps and conferences ,Epidemics ,Leprosy Control ,Kusthu Nivaran Sangam,Indian Medicine ,Health organisation. Aarogyasri certificates
  5. S.C Corporation
  6. Twenty Point Programme.
  7. Power Supply position
  8. Public Utility Co-ordination Board meeting(PUCB)(Government priority schemes like Kalyanalakshmi etc .


  1. Revenue Officers meetings
  2. Public Accounts committee
  3. Pending references.
  4. Identification of Backward Area Finance & Planning.
  5. C.M.E.Y
  6. Inspections of sub-ordinate Offices
  7. Inspection of Collector’s Office by the Commissioner’s office
  8. Miscellaneous matter not allotted to any section
  9. R.T.I Act.


  1. Soldiers funds
  2. Requisition of Govt.Vachiles ,Motor vehicles accidents -Accidents hit Solatium funds.
  3. Housing Board ,LIC ,Municipalities
  4. Industries Development Scheme and Loans assistance to Industrial Centres -Civil Aviation,Accidents to Civil and Military Air Crafts , Indian Air lines and Air India International -Sharath Sevak Samaj Khadi and VIB,Scheme relating to Survey of India .TSRTC ,New Bus routes and Depots and Bust station general correspondence -Other than alienation of acquisition of land ,Railway -Railway accidents ,in ships and Aero drms.
  5. Collector’s conference,Joint Collector’s/DRO’s Conference.


  1. In charge for the citizen charter center.
  2. Janahitha/Public Grievances
  3. Maintenance of Janahitha website
  4. Online Updation of Collectorate Prajavani petitions & replays
  5. Total Maintenance of Dial Your Collector.
  6. Maintenance of Arrogya Sri Register & Files
  7. Maintenance of Chief Minister’s cell references Special registers.

Section I:

  1. CM Visit arrangements & Preparation of updated notes
  2. Legislative Assembly Visit of MLAs to district on study -cum-regulatory functions like Estimates Committee etc.and correspondence thereon
  3. Tour Programme of Ministers and Departmental heads and other state officers
  4. Legislative consultative committee matters relating thereto
  5. VIPs-Visits -Reservation of Inspection bungalows.
  6. VIP petitions & Files
  7. Legal cell-Court cases All issues related to Court cases
  8. Minutes Recording of Hon’ble CM’s ,Minutes and others VIP’s Meetings
  9. Maintenance of CM’s cell references Special Registers.

Key Contact :

Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Superintendent-I 6309956255

Section J:

  1. Receiving mails & disposal of Election
  2. Maintenance of all Election files & EPIC information etc.
  3. Disposal of all reports of Elections.
  4. Census
  5. All Type Surveys.
  6. Election Computer Cell
  7. Maintenance of Election website ID & PWD
  8. B LO funds
  9. Election funds

Key Contact :

Sl No Designation Mobile Number
1 Superintendent-J(Election) 7337254446