Panchayath Raj

District& Divisional level officers:

Sl.No Name of the District  Name of the Officer  Designation Mobile Number
1 Rajanna Sircilla V Buchaiah District Panchayat Officer 9676602625
2 Rajanna Sircilla R Mallikarjun Divisional Panchayat Officer 9177846789
3 Rajanna Sircilla B.Swamy DPM e-Panchayat 8555920608

Panchayati Raj Department (PR) was formulated during the year 1967 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. It functions directly under the Ministry of Panchayati Raj & Rural Development and at State level Secretary to Government (PR&RD) as its administrative head and Commissioner (PR&RD)

In District level District Panchayat Officer and Mandal level Mandal Panchayat Officers , Village level Panchayat Secretary working ,of the Government.

As per the AP Reorganisation Act,2014,certain institutions serve both the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh till they are bifurcated.The below listed organisations and institutions should be seen in that light.

Important features and functionalities of the department:

Panchayati Raj is the oldest system of local government in the Indian subcontinent.Panchayati Raj Institutions as units of local government have been in existence in India for a long time,in different permutations and combinations.However ,it was only in 1992 that it was officially established by the Indian Constitution as the third level of India’s federal democracy through the 73rd Amendment Act.

The Panchayati Raj Institution(PRI) consists of three levels:

  • Gram Panchayat at the village level
  • Block Panchayat or Panchayat Samiti at the intermediate level
  • Zilla Panchayat at the district level

The word “Panchayat” means assembly (ayat) of five (panch) and raj means “rule”.Traditionally Panchayats consisted of elderly and wise people chosen by the local community,who used to settle disputes between individuals and villages.The leader of the panchayat used to be called as Mukhya or Sarpanch. Generally the elder-most or most senior person would be elected to this position.The Panchayati Raj system is also recognised as a form of direct democracy (i.e they excercise all powers of a government at a village level),as opposed to the popular notion that it is a type of representative democracy.As per January 2019,there are 630 Zilla Panchayats,6614 Block Panchayats and 253163 Gram Panchayats in India.There are currently more than 3 million elected representatives (of which more than 1 million are women) for panchayats at all levels.

In modern India, Mahatma Gandhi was one of the leading advocates of Gram Swaraj i.e village self-governance where the village would be responsible for its own affairs.The Panchayati Raj system of governance can be found all over South Asia in countries such as Pakistan,Bangladesh and Nepal,where it goes by the same name.

Key Features of Panchayat Raj System:

  • The Gram Sabha is a body consisting of all the people registered in the electoral rolls who belong to a village comprised within the area of the Panchayat at the village level.Gram Sabha is the smallest and the only permanent unit in the Panchayati Raj system.The powers and functions of Gram Sabha are fixed by the state legislature according to the law on the subject.
  • Seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes (SCs)and Scheduled Tribes (STs) and chairpersons of the Panchayats at all levels are reserved for SCs and STs in proportion to their population.
  • One-third of the total number of seats are to be reserved for women.One-third of the seats reserved for SCs and STs, are also reserved for women.This policy extends to the office of the chairperson at all levels as well(Article 243D).The reserved seats may be allotted by rotation to different constituencies in the Panchayat.
  • There is a uniform policy with each term being five years.Fresh elections must be conducted before the expiry the expiry of the term. In the event of dissolution,elections compulsorily within six months (Article 243E).
  • Panchayats have the responsibility to prepare plans for economic development and social justice with respect to the subjects as per the law put in place,which also extends to the various levels of Panchayat including the subjects as illustrated in the Eleventh Schedule(Article 243G).

Gram Panchayat:

Gram Panchayat consists of a village or a group of villages divided into smaller units called “Wards”.Each ward selects or elects a representative who is known as the Panch or ward member.The members of the Gram Sabha elect the ward members through a direct election.The Sarpanch or the president of the Gram Panchayat is elected by the ward members as per the State Act.The Sarpanch and the Panch are elected for a period of five years.Gram Panchayat is governed by the elected body and administration. The secretary is normally in charge of the administrative duties of the Gram Panchayat.

Block Panchayat :

Panchayat Samiti (also called Taluka Panchayats or Block Panchayats) is the intermediate level in Panchayati Raj Institutions.The Panchayat Samiti acts as the link between Gram Panchayat(Village) and District Panchayat(Zilla). These blocks do not hold elections for the Panchayat Samiti council seats. Rather,the block council consists of all of the Sarpanchas and the Upa Sarpanchas from each Gram Panchayat along with members of the legislative assembly(MLA), members of parliament (MPs), associate members (like a representative from a cooperative society) and members from the Zilla Parishad who are a part of the block.The Gram Panchayat members nominate their Sarpanch and Upa Sarpanch amongst their ranks ,which extend to the selection of the chairperson and vice-chairperson as well.The Executive Officer (EO) is the head of the administration section of the Panchayat Samiti.

District Panchayat :

The District Panchayat also known as the District Council or Zilla Parishad is the third tier of the Panchayati Raj system. Like the Gram Panchayat , the District is also an elected body. Chairpersons of  Block Samitis also represent the District Panchayat. Like the Block Panchayat, the MP and MLA are also members of the districts panchayat. The government appoints the Chief Executive Officer to carry out the administration of the district Panchayat along with the Chief Accounts Officer,the Chief Planning Officer and one or more Deputy Secretaries who work directly under the Chief Executive Officer and assist him/her.The Zilla Parishad chairperson is the political head of the district panchayat.

The primary objective of establishing the third tier of the government is to increase democratic participation, better articulate local needs and priorities,and to ensure a more efficient use of local resources along with greater accountability and transparency.Accordingly,29 functions have been proposed to be transferred to local governments in the rural area. These institutions have been playing an important role in several flagship programmers of the central and state governments ,perhaps more role in implementation and monitoring.

District& Mandal level officers:

Sl.No Name of the District  Name of the Mandal  Name of the Officer  Designation Mobile Number
1 Rajanna Sircilla Boinpalli A Ganga Thilak Mandal Panchayat Officer 9440950304
2 Rajanna Sircilla Chandurthi Bandi Pradeep Kumar Mandal Panchayat Officer 8008053377
3 Rajanna Sircilla Ellanthakunta Mirza Afzal Ahmed Baig Mandal Panchayat Officer 9490083683
4 Rajanna Sircilla Gambhiraopet Venkata rajashekar Mandal Panchayat Officer 9640807073
5 Rajanna Sircilla Konaraopet shenkar reddy(I/C) Mandal Panchayat Officer 9441174793
6 Rajanna Sircilla Mustabad Md Arif Pasha Mandal Panchayat Officer 9989249855
7 Rajanna Sircilla Rudrangi Pallakonda Sudhakar Mandal Panchayat Officer 7799499309
8 Rajanna Sircilla Thangallapalli Vanga venkateshwarlu Mandal Panchayat Officer 9949440138
9 Rajanna Sircilla Veernapalli Bangari Naresh Kumar Mandal Panchayat Officer 9849131398
10 Rajanna Sircilla Vemulawada A Sridhar Mandal Panchayat Officer 9701770777
11 Rajanna Sircilla Vemulawada Rural  N Sridhar Mandal Panchayat Officer 9394445553
12 Rajanna Sircilla Yellareddipet Vazeer Ahmed Mandal Panchayat Officer 9010147866

Panchayat Secretaries Gram Panchayat level:

Sl.No Name of the Mandal  Name of the Village  Name of the Officer  Designation Mobile Number
1 Boinpalli Ananthapalli Amberi AnilKumar Panchayat Secretary 9704218142
2 Boinpalli Boinpalli Gadapa Raja Sulochana Panchayat Secretary 9160906390
3 Boinpalli Burugupalli Kukkala Maruthi Panchayat Secretary 9949256625
4 Boinpalli Deshaipalli Sankineni Sowjanya Panchayat Secretary 8179450594
5 Boinpalli Dundrapalli Kukkala Maruthi Panchayat Secretary 9949256625
6 Boinpalli Gundannapalli Medichelimela Anjaneyulu Panchayat Secretary 9491538636
7 Boinpalli Jaggaraopalli Dadhi Raghava Rao Panchayat Secretary 9948275909
8 Boinpalli Kodurupaka Anumala Anjali Panchayat Secretary 9502117989
9 Boinpalli Korem Sadula Prabhakar Panchayat Secretary 9490534535
10 Boinpalli Kothapeta Thota Bhagyalaxmi Panchayat Secretary 9848478006
11 Boinpalli Malkapur Sadula Prabhakar Panchayat Secretary 9490534535
12 Boinpalli Mallapur Arelli Praveen Kumar Panchayat Secretary 9866573624
13 Boinpalli Manwada Muttireddy Jaipal Reddy Panchayat Secretary 9393633222
14 Boinpalli Marlapeta Jangam Raja Sri Panchayat Secretary 9502495574
15 Boinpalli Narsingapur Gurram Sathaiah Panchayat Secretary 9490258440
16 Boinpalli Neelojipalli Jangam Shekar Panchayat Secretary 9666344907
17 Boinpalli Ramannapeta Nagula Srikanth Panchayat Secretary 9908048924
18 Boinpalli Rathnampeta Manchala Swapna Panchayat Secretary 9247501202
19 Boinpalli Stambampalli Kadire Shivaprasad Panchayat Secretary 9059338811
20 Boinpalli Thadagonda Pasham Anil Panchayat Secretary 8897231373
21 Boinpalli Varadavelli Sriramula Srinivas Panchayat Secretary 9493188619
22 Boinpalli Venkatraopalli Shabana Sulthana Panchayat Secretary 7396999751
23 Boinpalli Vilasagar Molguri Sathish Panchayat Secretary 9550156610
24 Chandurthi Ananthapalli Mushanam Prasad Panchayat Secretary 9603264262
25 Chandurthi Ashireddypalli Medudhula Venu Panchayat Secretary 9177554242
26 Chandurthi Bandapalli V.Kalajyothi Panchayat Secretary 8985853136
27 Chandurthi Chandurthi P.Krishna Chaithanya Panchayat Secretary 9849300214
28 Chandurthi Devuni thanda K.Shekhar Panchayat Secretary 9912364578
29 Chandurthi Jogapur Kavitha Erram Panchayat Secretary 9652124476
30 Chandurthi Kattalingampet Peruka Anil Panchayat Secretary 8500817443
31 Chandurthi Kistampet Chikkudu Vamshikrishna Panchayat Secretary 9000200492
32 Chandurthi Kothapeta V.Prabhakar Panchayat Secretary 9908233109
33 Chandurthi Lingampet V.Prabhakar Panchayat Secretary 9908233109
34 Chandurthi Mallial A.Maruthi Panchayat Secretary 9848158168
35 Chandurthi Marrigadda Naresh Singam Panchayat Secretary 9963142478
36 Chandurthi Moodapalli S.Narayana Panchayat Secretary 9441570876
37 Chandurthi Narsingapoor Manchala Jyothi Panchayat Secretary 9951204474
38 Chandurthi Ramannapeta Muthyapu Sandeep Panchayat Secretary 8686061361
39 Chandurthi Ramaraopalli Amujala Thirupathi Panchayat Secretary 9490687305
40 Chandurthi Sanugula A.Maruthi Panchayat Secretary 9848158168
41 Chandurthi Thimmapoor Kondaveni Vinoda Panchayat Secretary 9603114164
42 Chandurthi Yengal Parsharamulu Gorre Panchayat Secretary 9849514864
43 Ellanthakunta Ananthagiri P Jagadeeshwar Panchayat Secretary 9441976319
44 Ellanthakunta Anantharam Md Jafer Ahmed Panchayat Secretary 9441879619
45 Ellanthakunta Arepally K Santhosh Kumar Panchayat Secretary 8886811045
46 Ellanthakunta Chikkuduvanipally I kavita Panchayat Secretary 9492214777
47 Ellanthakunta Dacharam Ahmed Mohiuddin Panchayat Secretary 9441773037
48 Ellanthakunta Ellanthakunta P Jagadeeshwar Panchayat Secretary 9441976319
49 Ellanthakunta Galipally Khaja Shoaib Panchayat Secretary 9966749498
50 Ellanthakunta Gollapally B Mahender Panchayat Secretary 6305966219
51 Ellanthakunta Gudepupally D Thirupathi Panchayat Secretary 9440330106
52 Ellanthakunta Jangamreddipally Ch Madhu Panchayat Secretary 9177990647
53 Ellanthakunta Jawaharpet Sunke Varun Panchayat Secretary 9440052654
54 Ellanthakunta Kandikatkoor S Suresh Panchayat Secretary 9963607361
55 Ellanthakunta Kesannapally K Santhosh Kumar Panchayat Secretary 8886811045
56 Ellanthakunta Kishtaraopally Md. Shameer Panchayat Secretary 8686863055
57 Ellanthakunta Muskanipet E Chandraiah Panchayat Secretary 9490577718
58 Ellanthakunta Narsakkapet Md Jafer Ahmed Panchayat Secretary 9441879619
59 Ellanthakunta Obulapuram Thallapalli Neeraja Panchayat Secretary 9505620240
60 Ellanthakunta Pathikuntapalli E Chandraiah Panchayat Secretary 9490577718
61 Ellanthakunta Peddalingapuram Ahmed Mohiuddin Panchayat Secretary 9441773037
62 Ellanthakunta Pottur G Sandeep Panchayat Secretary 9885251385
63 Ellanthakunta Rahimkhanpet P Sandhya Panchayat Secretary 9573148827
64 Ellanthakunta Ramojipet Khaja Shoaib Panchayat Secretary 9966749498
65 Ellanthakunta Rangampeta Mohammed Ali Panchayat Secretary 9701289619
66 Ellanthakunta Repaka I Kavitha Panchayat Secretary 9492214777
67 Ellanthakunta sirikonda G Sandeep Panchayat Secretary 9885251385
68 Ellanthakunta Somarampet V Priyanka Panchayat Secretary 6302571736
69 Ellanthakunta Thallapally Ch Chandra Shekar Panchayat Secretary 9705034467
70 Ellanthakunta Theniguvaripally M Priyanka Panchayat Secretary 8099037284
71 Ellanthakunta Thippapuram D Veena Rani Panchayat Secretary 9492205601
72 Ellanthakunta Vallampatla P Jagadeeshwar Panchayat Secretary 9441976319
73 Ellanthakunta Vanthadupula P Sandhya Panchayat Secretary 9573148827
74 Ellanthakunta Veljipuram N Balaraju Panchayat Secretary 9666757236
75 Ellanthakunta Venkatraopally J Chandra Shekhar Panchayat Secretary 9848487813
76 Gambhiraopet Dammannapet Kamatam Chandrashekhar Panchayat Secretary 9963738657
77 Gambhiraopet Desaipet Adhe Ramesh Panchayat Secretary 9676832879
78 Gambhiraopet Gajasingavaram Chatla Ravi Panchayat Secretary 8247729747
79 Gambhiraopet Gambhiraopet Md.Rafee Panchayat Secretary 7396107245
80 Gambhiraopet Gorintala Vinil Vanga Panchayat Secretary 9553998124
81 Gambhiraopet Jagadhmba thanda J Praveen Panchayat Secretary 9959485438
82 Gambhiraopet Kollamaddi B Chandramouli Panchayat Secretary 9573769259
83 Gambhiraopet Kothapally S Srinivas Rao Panchayat Secretary 9966629285
84 Gambhiraopet Laxmipur Sushma Nareddy Panchayat Secretary 7989839926
85 Gambhiraopet Lingannapet P Rajendra Prasad   9908926609
86 Gambhiraopet Mallareddipet M Rajakishan Panchayat Secretary 9550400164
87 Gambhiraopet Mallupalli Chiliveri Ashok Kumar Panchayat Secretary 9849240048
88 Gambhiraopet Mucherla Bandaru Sridhar Panchayat Secretary 7032323509
89 Gambhiraopet Musthfanagar Bhukya Siriya Panchayat Secretary 7997834531
90 Gambhiraopet Nagampet Goskula Shireesha Panchayat Secretary 9059513774
91 Gambhiraopet Narmala Md.jaffar Panchayat Secretary 9640832448
92 Gambhiraopet Ponnanalapally Sushma Nareddy Panchayat Secretary 7989839926
93 Gambhiraopet Rajeshwar Rao Colony Deeti Bharath Kumar Panchayat Secretary 8985710374
94 Gambhiraopet Rajupeta E Naresh Panchayat Secretary 9949072567
95 Gambhiraopet Samudralingapoor M Raja Kishan Panchayat Secretary 9550400164
96 Gambhiraopet Srigadha J Kalyan Praveen Kumar Panchayat Secretary 9908114958
97 Konaraopet Azmeera  Thanada T. Sai Krishna Panchayat Secretary 9491991608
98 Konaraopet Bausaipet Md.Azeez(I/C) Panchayat Secretary 9290757657
99 Konaraopet Dharmaram K.Srikanth Panchayat Secretary 8977830080
100 Konaraopet Eglaspoor K.Praveen Kumar Panchayat Secretary 9493110864
101 Konaraopet Gollapalli(Kolanur) K.Mamatha Panchayat Secretary 7337459825
102 Konaraopet Gollapalli(Vattimalla) P.Karunakar Panchayat Secretary 9666828085
103 Konaraopet Govindaraopet Thanda B.Naveen Panchayat Secretary 9618965856
104 Konaraopet Jai Sevalal Bhukyareddy Thanda B.Thirupathi Panchayat Secretary 6302550157
105 Konaraopet Jai Sevalal Uru Thanda B.Gangadhar Panchayat Secretary 9666126595
106 Konaraopet Kammaripet Thanda A.Mahendar Panchayat Secretary 9491240315
107 Konaraopet Kanagarthi K.Kavitha Panchayat Secretary 8688709971
108 Konaraopet Kolanoor K.Ramana Reddy Panchayat Secretary 8499948577
109 Konaraopet Konaraopet S Mahender Panchayat Secretary 9441512454
110 Konaraopet Kondapoor R Laxman(I/C) Panchayat Secretary 9849597070
111 Konaraopet Malkapet Ch.Mahesh Panchayat Secretary 9177680349
112 Konaraopet Mamidipalli Md.Azeez Panchayat Secretary 9290757657
113 Konaraopet Mangallapalli K Venkatesh Panchayat Secretary 8897804428
114 Konaraopet Marrimadla A. Vijay Panchayat Secretary 8985870401
115 Konaraopet Marthanpet D.Mounika Panchayat Secretary 9492853244
116 Konaraopet Nagaram Md. Afsana Panchayat Secretary 7702053138
117 Konaraopet Nimmapalli R Laxman Panchayat Secretary 9849597070
118 Konaraopet Nizamabad A. Kavitha Panchayat Secretary 7036608788
119 Konaraopet Pallimaktha N.Rajaiah Panchayat Secretary 9492463776
120 Konaraopet Ramannapet M.Venu Panchayat Secretary 9030589446
121 Konaraopet Shivangalapalli S Mahendar(I/C) Panchayat Secretary 9441512454
122 Konaraopet Suddala K Manohar Panchayat Secretary 6301265035
123 Konaraopet Vattimalla Md Mukthar Ahmed Panchayat Secretary 9182826035
124 Konaraopet Venkatraopet B.Gajan Panchayat Secretary 6281215227
125 Mustabad Avunoor N Balakishan Panchayat Secretary 9505607833
126 Mustabad Bandankal Nerella Raju Panchayat Secretary 9502690570
127 Mustabad Cheekod D Ratna Kumari Panchayat Secretary 9985164530
128 Mustabad Chippalapally Balasani Sandeep Panchayat Secretary 9705602471
129 Mustabad Gannevanipalli Anireddy Geetha Panchayat Secretary 8328018263
130 Mustabad Gopalpalli Ch Usha Panchayat Secretary 7993598715
131 Mustabad Gudem P Lachaiah Panchayat Secretary 8886724622
132 Mustabad Gudur Radam Saikumar Panchayat Secretary 8008183907
133 Mustabad Kondapur G Rajeshwar Rao Panchayat Secretary 970025953
134 Mustabad Maddikunta Guggila Laxman Panchayat Secretary 9505993599
135 Mustabad Moinkunta Rapelli Geetha Panchayat Secretary 9030331988
136 Mustabad Moraipally Bantu Soujanya Panchayat Secretary 8096010277
137 Mustabad Morrapoor Gangadhara Venu Panchayat Secretary 9704942649
138 Mustabad Mustabad R Raji Reddy Panchayat Secretary 9989032268
139 Mustabad Namapur Komatireedy Soujanya Panchayat Secretary 7032332798
140 Mustabad Pothugal Sd Majeed Panchayat Secretary 9848442808
141 Mustabad Ramlaxmanpalli Ashok Bodiga Panchayat Secretary 7386925827
142 Mustabad Ramreddypalli A Sailu(Incharge) Panchayat Secretary 9441973961
143 Mustabad Sevalal Thanda Kavati Parsharamulu Panchayat Secretary 9642166144
144 Mustabad Terlumaddi Vinaykumar Tirukovalluri Panchayat Secretary 7382287238
145 Mustabad Turkapalli Siddula Srinivas Panchayat Secretary 8125866257
146 Mustabad Venkatraopalli Dyapa Navya Panchayat Secretary 8179139523
147 Rudrangi Addabore Thanda K.Sai Krishna Panchayat Secretary 8099820307
148 Rudrangi Badi Thanda U.Srinivas Panchayat Secretary 8978533324
149 Rudrangi Chinthamani Thanda M.Suresh Panchayat Secretary 9908971827
150 Rudrangi Degavath Thanda G.Prashanth Panchayat Secretary 9948064880
151 Rudrangi Gaidigutta Thanda M.Satish Panchayat Secretary 8897687674
152 Rudrangi Manala M.Satish Panchayat Secretary 8897687674
153 Rudrangi Rooplanayak Thanda M.Shankar Panchayat Secretary 9550044548
154 Rudrangi Rudrangi Y.Anil Kumar Panchayat Secretary 9000499120
155 Rudrangi Sarpanch Thanda T.Nagaraju Panchayat Secretary 9948017072
156 Rudrangi Veeruni Thanda L.Dayanandam Panchayat Secretary 8500190060
157 Thangallapally Ankireddypally Gunda Ravinder Panchayat Secretary 9441440575
158 Thangallapally Ankusapur N Swamy Panchayat Secretary 9346675051
159 Thangallapally Baddenapalli Vade Sowjanya Panchayat Secretary 7288967454
160 Thangallapally Balamallupally B Krishnaiah Panchayat Secretary 9676543465
161 Thangallapally Baswapur Kondikoppula Janardhan Panchayat Secretary 9490182168
162 Thangallapally Cheerlavancha Sama Mamatha Panchayat Secretary 9550957596
163 Thangallapally Chinnalingapur Dasari Srihitha Panchayat Secretary 9100173214
164 Thangallapally Chinthalatana Gunda Ravinder Panchayat Secretary 9441440575
165 Thangallapally Deshaipally Nagula Haritha Panchayat Secretary 9441014485
166 Thangallapally Gandilachapeta Paithari Vennela Panchayat Secretary 9704507483
167 Thangallapally Gopalraopalle Mallikarjun Boosa Panchayat Secretary 7288983568
168 Thangallapally Indirammacolony B Krishnaiah Panchayat Secretary 9676543465
169 Thangallapally Indiranagar Eesari Laxmi Panchayat Secretary 8008671461
170 Thangallapally Jillela G Lidys Panchayat Secretary 9440950961
171 Thangallapally Kasbekatkur Kadari Raju Panchayat Secretary 8125334711
172 Thangallapally Laxmipur Punnam Mounika Panchayat Secretary 7995564566
173 Thangallapally Mallapur Nagula Haritha Panchayat Secretary 9441014485
174 Thangallapally Mandepally A Sheerisha Panchayat Secretary 8499879727
175 Thangallapally Narsimhulapally Pavani Siliveri Panchayat Secretary 9640754378
176 Thangallapally Nerella K Mahender Reddy Panchayat Secretary 9618255166
177 Thangallapally Obulapur B Raju Panchayat Secretary 9441850805
178 Thangallapally Padmanagar Karike Kavitha Panchayat Secretary 8498982652
179 Thangallapally Papaiahpally G.Vani Panchayat Secretary 8499942161
180 Thangallapally Rallapeta Mahammad Zareena Panchayat Secretary 9949578132
181 Thangallapally Ramchandrapur Bhumani Sumalatha Panchayat Secretary 7337436570
182 Thangallapally Ramannapally Guntuku Keerthi Panchayat Secretary 7893049578
183 Thangallapally Sarampally P Manjula Panchayat Secretary 8978754512
184 Thangallapally Thadur M Kalavathi Panchayat Secretary 7287003989
185 Thangallapally Thangallapalli A Ravinder Panchayat Secretary 9000056662
186 Thangallapally Venugopalpur A Prashanth Panchayat Secretary 8977456563
187 Veernapally Adavipadira T Ravi Panchayat Secretary 9705597900
188 Veernapally Babai Cheruvu Thanda Bollarapu Krishna Panchayat Secretary 9949975744
189 Veernapally Banjeru Vasala Ranadeer Panchayat Secretary 9533921044
190 Veernapally Bhavusing Nayak Thanda Burugu Sravanthi Panchayat Secretary 9949691025
191 Veernapally Bhukya Thanda Panthagi Neetha Panchayat Secretary 7036608788
192 Veernapally Erragadda Thanda Ponnameni Ramesh Panchayat Secretary 9052062383
193 Veernapally Garjanapally Ch Venkatesh Panchayat Secretary 8790166091
194 Veernapally Jawaharlal Nayak Thanda B.Raju Panchayat Secretary 9866891154
195 Veernapally Kancharla Rodda Jyothi Panchayat Secretary 9849602150
196 Veernapally Lalsingh Thanda Banothu Raju Panchayat Secretary 866891154
197 Veernapally Maddimalla Banothu Ramesh Panchayat Secretary 9989101686
198 Veernapally Maddimalla Thanda Balyala Buggaramulu Panchayat Secretary 8374956871
199 Veernapally Rangampet G Raju Panchayat Secretary 9912776782
200 Veernapally Seetharam Nayak Thanda Kommu Kumar Panchayat Secretary 9908584852
201 Veernapally Shanthi Nagar Keshampalli Praveen Panchayat Secretary 7032855544
202 Veernapally Vanpally Shaik Osman Panchayat Secretary 9985338578
203 Veernapally Veernapally G Raju Panchayat Secretary 9912776782
204 Vemulawada Anupuram(R&R Colony) G.Divyabharathi Panchayat Secretary 9573521175
205 Vemulawada Arepalli M.Venkatasai Panchayat Secretary 8019922597
206 Vemulawada Chandragiri G.Jeevitha Panchayat Secretary 9704850265
207 Vemulawada Cheerlavancha(R&R Colony) Y.Amani Panchayat Secretary 8099662068
208 Vemulawada Chintaltana(R&R Colony) S.Anjaneyulu Panchayat Secretary



209 Vemulawada Gurramvanipalli(R&R Colony) P.Srivani Panchayat Secretary 7702900306
210 Vemulawada Kodumunja(R&R Colony) A.Harinder Reddy Panchayat Secretary



211 Vemulawada Marupaka S.Shyamala Panchayat Secretary 9440555073
212 Vemulawada Rudraram(R&R Colony) Syed Mohamin Panchayat Secretary 9505339518
213 Vemulawada Sankepalle A.Rajesh Kumar Panchayat Secretary



214 Vemulawada Shabashpalli(R&R Colony) A.Harinder Reddy Panchayat Secretary



215 Vemulawada Rural Achanapalli S.Radha Panchayat Secretary 7702902781
216 Vemulawada Rural Balarajpalli K.Ramu Panchayat Secretary 9492110191
217 Vemulawada Rural Bollaram Arsam Sandhya Panchayat Secretary 8374169398
218 Vemulawada Rural Chekkapalli Gaddam Chandana Panchayat Secretary 9490087864
219 Vemulawada Rural Edurugatla S.Radha Panchayat Secretary 7702902781
220 Vemulawada Rural Fazilnagar Pathipaka Mounika Panchayat Secretary 9154334101
221 Vemulawada Rural Hanumajipet K.Balaiah Panchayat Secretary 9030215229
222 Vemulawada Rural Jayavaram Anjaiah Panchayat Secretary 9703821113
223 Vemulawada Rural Lingamapalli Premchand Panchayat Secretary 7093847690
224 Vemulawada Rural Mallaram M.Ilaiah Panchayat Secretary 9490313277
225 Vemulawada Rural Marripalli D.Vinod Kumar Panchayat Secretary 7382169974
226 Vemulawada Rural Nagaiahpalli Jeevan Panchayat Secretary 7396127963
227 Vemulawada Rural Namiligundupalli P.Hariprasad Panchayat Secretary 9505505168
228 Vemulawada Rural Nookalamarri M.Rajashekar Panchayat Secretary 9666030065
  Vemulawada Rural Thurkashinagar Md.Feroz Khan Panchayat Secretary 8099780297
230 Vemulawada Rural Vattemla B.Ramesh Babu Panchayat Secretary 8500089159
231 Vemulawada Rural Venkatampalli B.Maneesha Panchayat Secretary 9440743335
232 Yellareddypet Agraharam A.Naresh Panchayat Secretary 8978491331
233 Yellareddypet Akkapally Pavithra Panchayat Secretary 9491366541
234 Yellareddypet Almaspoor E.Suresh Panchayat Secretary 7569881028
235 Yellareddypet Bakurpally Thanda B.Bharath Panchayat Secretary 9966370353
236 Yellareddypet Bandalingampally B.Sanjeev Panchayat Secretary 9949737263
237 Yellareddypet Boppapur K.Sanjeeva Reddy Panchayat Secretary 8008071088
238 Yellareddypet Bugga Rajeshwara Thanda B.Rajitha Panchayat Secretary 9493497262
239 Yellareddypet Devunigutta Thada Devendra Panchayat Secretary 9502489044
240 Yellareddypet Dumala Md.Ezazuddin Panchayat Secretary 8328386154
241 Yellareddypet Gollapally K.Sanjeeva Reddy Panchayat Secretary 8008071088
242 Yellareddypet Gundaram Devaraju Panchayat Secretary 8790612207
243 Yellareddypet Guntapally Cheruvu Thanda P.Raju Panchayat Secretary 9989918278
244 Yellareddypet Haridas Nagar B.Mallesham Panchayat Secretary 9492462231
245 Yellareddypet Kistunayak Thanda Sathish Panchayat Secretary 8106743239
246 Yellareddypet Korutlapet K.Balakrishna Panchayat Secretary 9441516907
247 Yellareddypet Narayanapoor K.Lavanya Panchayat Secretary 9505817075
248 Yellareddypet Padira Y.Babu Panchayat Secretary 9618402328
249 Yellareddypet Pothireddyapally B.Lalitha Panchayat Secretary 7382978192
250 Yellareddypet Ragatlapally Radhika Panchayat Secretary 9398363483
251 Yellareddypet Rajannapet S.Raju Panchayat Secretary 9490092960
252 Yellareddypet Singaram J.Ganesh Panchayat Secretary 7989925769
253 Yellareddypet Thimmapoor P.Santhosh Panchayat Secretary 9949431891
254 Yellareddypet Venkatapoor B.Shivakanth Panchayat Secretary 9490971604
255 Yellareddypet Yellareddypet Md.Vazeer Ahmed Panchayat Secretary 9010147866

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