The Revenue Department is the oldest administrative organ of the Government which plays a key role in the overall administration in the state,down from village level to district level.The main objective of the department is maintenance of village revenue records and ,updating and protection of revenue records in addition to the collection of different ceases like Water Tax, NALA and collection of dues to government.The Revenue Department also administers several acts and rules in the state pertaining to land and civil administration. The department also plays active part in implementation of various schemes of government in the state.


The Administrative hierarchical system in the department is as follows:

The department is headed by the chief Commissioner of Land Administration.

  1. Chief Commissioner of Land Administration at State Level
  2. Collector at District Level
  3. Revenue Divisional Officer at Divisional Level
  4. Tahsildar at Mandal level
  5. Village Revenue Officer at Village Level

Key Contacts Of Revenue Department


District Officers Name of the Officer Designation Contact 
1 T.Srinivas Rao Revenue Divisional Officer 7330888446
2 T.Madhusudan DAO,Sircilla 7330884446
3 P. Pavan Kumar Revenue Divisional Officer (Vemulawada) 7032675222
4 Vijayalalitha DAO,Vemulawada 7013924838



List Of Tehsil Offices
Sl.No Name of the Tahsildar Mandal Name Mobile No Name of Naib Tahsildar Mobile No
1 D.Naresh Boinpally 7337034446 A.Divya Jyothi 7330777339
2 MA.Majid Chandurthy 7337294446 Gopal 9949374057
3 Ravikanth Ellanthakunta 7330984446 H.Vinay 9866770320
4 B.Madhusudhan Reddy Gambhiraopet 7337474446 G.Venu 9652663432
5 J.Narender Konaraopet 7337404446 B.Satyanarayana 9491561264
6 P.Muneender Mustabad 7337454446 Suresh Kumar 9676974322
7 B.Bhaskar Rudrangi 7330964446 J Mallaih 9848174512
8 K.Vijay Kumar  Sircilla  7337414446 V Murali Krishna 9866701430
9 P.Sadanandam Thangallapalli 9849195398 G Divya 9100699846
10 S.Raju Vemulawada 7337234446 Rajitha 9989346314
11 Nakka Srinivas Vemulawada Rural 7337284446 Md Waheduddin 9849484786
12 Mohd Tafazul Hussain Veernapalli 7330864664 A Praveen Kumar 9490220444
13 Jayanth Kumar Yellareddipet 7337434446 Jayanth Kumar 8499089888