Sl.No Name Designation Phone No
1 PB.Srinivasa Chary Chief Planing Officer 8790833220


Staffing Pattern of the Office:

Post No of Sanctioned Posts Working  Vacant Remarks
District Office : 
Chief Planning Officer 1 1 0 AD Cadre
Statistical Officer 1 0 1  
Deputy Statistical Officer 2 2 0  
Sr Asst 1 1 0  
Typist,LD Steno Driver 3 0 3  
Office Subordinate 1 0 1  
Total 9 4 5  
Deputy Statistical Officer 1 1 0  
Mandal Planning and Statistical Officers 13 12 1  

Departmental Activities:

The CPO Office is dealing with the following two types of Departmental activities:

  1. Planning Activities
  2. Statistical Activities

Planning Activities: 

  • Constituency Development Fund (CDP)
  • Special Development Fund (SDF)
  • Crucial Balancing Fund (CBF)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (CSR)
  • DMFT

Constituency Development Fund (CDP)

Assembly Constituency wise mandals covered:

Sl No Name of the Assembly Constituency Mandals Covered CDP Fund Nodal District
1 Sircilla AC Siricilla, Thanganllapally, Mustabad, Yellareddypet, Gambhiraopet and Veernapally Rajanna Sircilla
2 Vemulawada A.C.

Vemulawada, Vemulawada(R), Konaraopet, Chandurthy and Rudrangi (except one village i.e.Manala)

Rajanna Sircilla
3 Choppadandi AC Boinpally Karimnagar
4 Manakondar AC Ellanthakunta Karimnagar
5 Balkonda AC Only one village i,e Manala (v) of Rudrangi mandal  Nizamabad


Parliamentary Constituency wise mandals:

Sl No Name of the Parliamentary Constituency  Name of the Assembly Constituency Mandals Covered CDP Fund Nodal District
1 Karimnagar PC Sircilla and Vemulawada, Choppadandi and Manakondur All mandals of the district except one village i,e Manala(v) of Rudrangi mandal Karimnagar
2 Nizamabad PC Balkonda A.C. Only village of Rundragi mandal i.e. Manala(v) Nizamabad


This department will attend the following Statistical item of works

Rainfall Statistics: Daily / Weekly / Monthly

Rainfall Statistics: The Rainfall up to  30.04.2020 as follows:

Monthly wise Actual and Normal Rainfall(in mm)
Month Actual Rainfall Received Last Year Rainfall Normal Rainfall % of Deviation Status
June 83.8 89.5 150.0 -44.2 Deficit
July 286.1 193.8 229.1 24.9 Excess
August 234.1 227.8 214.4 9.2 Normal
September 360.4 95.8 109.1 230.3 Excess
October 221.3 1.9 104.6 111.6 Excess
November 11.8 0.0 23.2 -49.1 Deficit
December 0.0 9.3 6.0 -100.0 No Rain
January 9.5 50.0 8.8 8.0 Excess
February 17.5 8.1 5.4 224.1 Excess
March 28.3 0.0 8.2 245.1 Excess
April 9.6 7.0 21.4 -69.5 Deficit
Total 1262.4 683.2 880.2 43.5 Excess

Yearly Normal Rainfall 915.3mm

Agricultural Statistics:

  • Preparation of Seasonal Condition Report,
  • Reconciliation of Area Figures
  • Conduct of Crop Cutting Expt.,
  • PMFBY   
  • Submission of Advance Estimates Statistics

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bheem Yojana:

The Government, have issued notification for implementation of Pradhan Manthri Fasal Bhima Yojana (PMFBY) with  “Village made as Insurance Unit” during Kharif-2018-19. The Paddy Crop is selected under PMFBY with Village made as Insurance Unit in Rajanna Sircilla district during Kharif-2018-19.  The other crops are covered under Mandal Insurance Unit. 

Crop covered under Village as Insurance Unit:  Paddy

Name of the Insurance Company                                  :   Tata AIG General Insurance Co.        

No.of Units Selected                                                         :    107

No.of CC Experiments to be conducted                        :   428               

Primary Workers for conduct of CC Expts                   :   A.E.O.s of Agriculture Dept.

Industrial Statistics: i.e. IIP,  

Annual Survey of Industries

The Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is the principal source of industrial statistics in India. It provides information to assess the changes in the growth and structure of organized manufacturing sector comprising activities related to manufacturing processes, repair services gas and water supply and cold storage.

ASI Schedule :

ASI schedule is the basic tool to collect required data from the factories registered under sections 2(m)(i) and 2(m)(ii) of the Factories Act,1948.This schedule has two parts 

Part1 :

To collect data on Assets and Liabilities, Employment and Labour cost, Receipts, Expenses, Input items: indigenous and imported, Products and By-products, Distributive Expenses, etc.


To collect data on different aspects of labour statistics, namely, working days, man-days worked, absenteeism, labour turnover, man-hours worked etc.

Price Statistics :

Consumer Price Index :

The Consumer Prices for (266) Commodities have to be collected and submitted to the Director, DES, Hyd.

Centres:   Urban- Sircilla, Rural –Peddur, Mustabad, Rudrangi and Ellanthakunta

Daily prices : Centre – Sircilla 

(Price data have to be collected on 6 commodities, i.e. Rice, Red gram Dal, Onions, Red chillies, Tamarind, and Ground Oil)

Weekly Price :  Centre  -Sircilla

( Price data have to be collected on 19 commodities, i,e Wheat, Jowar, Ragulu, Sajja, Gramdal, Moongdal, Urad dal, Palm oil,  Sunflower Oil, Vanaspathi, Salt, Turmeric, Potato, Brinjal, Ladies finger, Tomato, Banana, Sugar, Gur)

Official Statistics:  Collection and Compilation of

  • District Hand Book of Statistic,
  • Mandal Hand Book of Statistics
  • Collection of Local Body Accounts

Socio Economic Survey (SES) :

Subjects Covered :

Unincorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises in Manufacturing, Trade & Other Services (excl. Construction) (Schedule 2.34)

Objective of the Survey :

To survey on economic and operational characteristics of unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises in manufacturing, trade and other services sector (excluding construction). The survey results will help National Accounts Division (NAD) of Central Statistics Office to compute important components of national accounts

Present Status :

250 samples are allotted to each sub-round covering 112 samples in rural sector and 138 samples in urban sector. The field work of 1st and 2nd sub-rounds has been completed. The 3rd sub-round field is under progress.

Conduct of Minor Irrigation Census :

The Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, New Delhi have proposed to take up 6th  Minor Irrigation Census  in Telangana  State with the reference year 2017-18 by meeting the 100% Central Assistance. Preparatory arrangements for conduct  Minor Irrigation Census in the district is under progress.  Preparation of Charges registers under Progress.